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But always remember, if the online casino then we quote you are not a scam. On the other hand, however, it is also true that in the past there have been cases of fraud, especially in online poker, but these portals have been banned from the web and if you read the forums casino such as http://wirelesscasinogames.com/, they are not mentioned or advised against. Delays in the payment of the winnings? Normal, there are few casinos that pay 2 or 3 days, most put us at least a week.

Why this? Simple, because they want you to lose patience and make you sweat collecting money to give you the opportunity to cancel the withdrawal or pour others and replay again, sooner or later I imagine that you will lose. At this point, after you've played quite a few 'eye and you have completed the play through by law require the drawing which you are denied.

Then you pissed started to ask for an explanation and they tell you that you have not completed the play through, be careful because the casino (with the excuse of a bug in the system, obviously fake) there shall record the play through of the different sessions but only one session. Sometimes it can happen that your balance disappears or is cut in half by an access to the other, in this case, cold-blooded and do not worry, please contact the help desk (costumer center or whatever you want to call it) and explain the problem with your data hand.

If this is not enough do not worry, no threats of legal action that would not help, go to the casino forum and expose the problem, the mediators will assist you and you can be sure that it will work out. In 99.99% of cases, these things do not happen, but they happen to be in very few of the hundreds of thousands of players online.

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