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Online poker also require a high sensitivity in the assessment of opponents. A great disadvantage of the tracking means of Poker tools is the inability of the specific player is integrated behaviors such as the Poker tells be seen. It is still a privilege of the human brain, to draw conclusions from the enemy special behavior. Although regularities in setting behavior can be detected by the tracking tools and also displayed statistically, but individual problems, such as a long time delaying the setting with a very strong hand, remain undetected.

The players note, a large 250 character text field is usually activated by right clicking on the icon opposing players at the poker table. However, it is also possible for the internal functions of the note used Poker tools to be used. By storing the text in the tool database an advantage in long-term obtaining the data is obtained, because local storage in the poker client directory data when reinstalling etc. must be backed up separately and then copied back.

If, for example basically played rather tight and aggressive approach is indicated only for high probability, it is advantageous to choose a name like "GambleIdiot" or "AlwaysRaiseYou". Of course, their own way of playing is being watched by their opponents, but such psychological intricacies just come in hard situations decidable (including time pressure) to bear.

In addition, potential gains can be secured, because playing with a big stack requires a constant adjustment of the strategy and conveys visually the opponent "successful players" what a cautious approach the opponent has the consequence (which can only be met with a higher aggressiveness or equal leave the table and secure). In addition, the preflop calling frequency and average pot size should always be kept in mind, as necessary, to leave the table when other attractive tables are available.

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