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Baccarat is a strange game insofar as it is not actually between a player and the bank , but between the bank and a number of people in and around the table , betting on the outcome of the game . That in itself is a very simple concept , one of two wins or a tie , a tie . A Baccarat in a land casino has a long oval shape, which is divided into two halves. Seven people can sit . In each half For each table half a croupier available, so in addition to the dealer, who plays on behalf of the casino.

He stands in the middle , and the player who comes from the middle of the participants , usually the one with the highest stakes. The bank has a certain amount of money available for a game . If participants use less than the amount of the bank, bystanders can become involved. If participants bet more than the bank, the bank can go (and thus increase the bet) or pay for loss or collect proportionally. The deployment blind, there are no tickets yet. The value of the cards is simple.

Ace counts as one , the cards 2 through / 9 have their own value and the ten , jack, queen and king count as zero. The highest score by nine. Does a player up there than ten , thirteen will expire three ,etc. When all bets are closed gives the dealer and the player himself and two cards. These are not revealed. Has either an 8 or a 9, this is called a natural and the game is already won.

Both banker and player a natural than has the highest total, they have the same then it's a tie. Who then has deployed gets paid and who has bet on the banker or the player keeps his bet , there has been a stand off . No one has a natural.  There are several protocols in circulation when the bank or a player must fit , so it is always good to take at this point . By the rules in the online casino of your choice During the game there is also pointed out as a specific action is required , yes or no .

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