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The online casinos usually are NOT a scam and I can tell you from experience because I have won several times, as indeed I have also lost several times. To play in the online casino experience and we want to be careful not to fall into tricks that casinos often put in place to complicate your life, but that does not mean they are a scam. What I want to do is warn you of tricks that casinos have to make you lose time , you do not withdraw your winnings and force you to play.

So honest casinos you find in our list, you can easily visit them and be assured that are not at all of the scams. The game of roulette is one of the most popular among the gamblers and one of the most studied by the most talented systems engineers in the world. Many strategies have been invented to win at roulette, sometimes effective even if not mathematically. 

I remember one day they stumbled upon a website that explained a method of winning that was clearly a scam, just a way to make you throw your money away, indications of double and double again when you lose, nothing more wrong and not recommended. Among the many strategies about the game of roulette method of doubling the martingale and strategies on the simple chances are the most widely used and studied by the players, professionals or not.

In this regard, we enjoyed the piece written by the bonus-casino online that talks about how to avoid losing at roulette. Read it, and think, I am not telling balls online sites and articles to which you send out. If a casino puts obstacles in the withdrawal of your winnings does not mean they are a scam, or just want to say that they are right because you have not completed some procedures, such as the playthrough, certification of your identity, or who want to make be clever to tempt you to continue playing.

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